Eyes Through a Chain Link Fence

I saw the eyes and they saw me, through a chain link fence they cried…I’m lost I’m cold, I’m tired, confused…I was devoted, but they lied. On the streets, and all alone, get me back to what I’ve known…but not a clue where I am and why I’m here, please get me home. The truck was dark and lots of sound I’ve never heard…but I was found. Here I wait to see the face who knows I’m good…I know my place. I see some eyes and they see me through the chain link fence they cried…I’m here to help, to give you love, and I’m sorry that they lied. No more tired, no more cold…you will be mine until you’re old. Rest your eyes and rest your fears…you’re with me now, so no more tears.

by Regina Ryan 2012


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