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The Good Dog Shoppe is a small family owned and operated business tucked away in Kennesaw, Georgia. We are dedicated to providing your pets with the best holistic nutrition and truly natural and organic pet products available. We do our best to source locally with USA made products and we are absolutely committed to your pet’s health, happiness and overall well-being.

Our focus here at The Good Dog Shoppe is healthy nutrition and preventive holistic care! “You are what you eat” applies as much to your pet as it does to you! The staff at The Good Dog Shoppe are trained nutritionists who are more than willing to take on the biggest pet challenges…skin allergies, food allergies, digestive problems, auto immune issues, and even those picky eaters. We believe your pet can thrive, not just sustain, given the right nutrition and holistic care. We carry a very large selection of premium diets in dry, canned, freeze dried, dehydrated, and raw food.

The Good Dog Shoppe also offers holistic alternatives to many of the prescription diets and traditional veterinary philosophies regarding fleas, heart-worm preventatives, allergies and digestive issues.
You will also find unique collars, toys, and all Paraben-free grooming products in our store but our treats, and chews section will knock your socks off…It’s an old fashioned smorgasbord of choices (all USA made) and your dog will feel like a kid in a candy shop…glass jars and all. 

Come by for a visit or a consultation to “The little dog store at the end of the rainbow”, and of course bring your pet…they are always welcome!!

Meet Our Team


Working in the corporate world the first part of my life served a purpose but provided little satisfaction. I knew I was destined to live the life I loved and animals would somehow be a part of it.  Critters of all kinds made it a habit of finding me…whether they were crossing a road, chasing my car, or showing up on the door step of my second floor apt. It should not be a big surprise that my life landed me owning an All-Natural pet goods and pet nutrition store. For over 17 years I have done independent studies on holistic dog and cat nutrition. This ambition was generated from a lack of success in treating one of my own pets using just traditional medicines and diets. I was also faced with my own health issues which made me more determined to find a healthier way.  The more success I had using holistic alternatives and healthier diets with not only my own pets but other pets as well resulted in an obvious need to spread the word and educate pet owners on what we have all been programmed to believe…by not only veterinarians but commercial advertising. There is room for both conventional and alternative approaches and I honestly believe it’s never a one size fits all! We all have a purpose and are given a gift we strive to discover at some point in our life. I am blessed I found mine…and I will continue to help educate pet owners and do what I do one dog and cat at a time….and then came The Good Dog Shoppe!

Chuck Teal

Chuck has been a pet professional since 2010 guiding pet parents in nutrition, homeopathy, and other proactive health needs. He has gained his knowledge and training from various pet product companies and has also earned his Raw Pet Food Specialist Certificate through Dogs Naturally University and continues to educate himself in all things involving pet wellness.  He is known for his quick wit and interesting and enlightening perspectives when helping pet parents with those challenging situations. Personally, he has dealt with canine cancer with his own dog Norman, who exceeded the oncologist’s expectations of life expectancy and the vets by 2 years through proper nutrition, Eastern medicine, and various treatments. Unfortunately, he passed in December of 2017 due to a seizure but with this experience Chuck has a personal understanding on how to help others prevent this growing disease from happening in their own pets and is consequently a huge advocate of preventative methods. We often hear him quoting Socrates…Let Food Be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food! 


Chuck currently lives in Woodstock, GA with his wife Sara, his cat Arthur, cat Hazel, and you may catch him on the trail or at work with his dog Birdie. He currently feeds all his pets a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet through various raw pet food companies that are offered at The Good Dog Shoppe. We couldn’t be happier he is part of the Good Dog Shoppe Pack!!!

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