Well this seems to be another "fox guarding the hen house" scenario regarding Hill's Pet Food. So many small, family owned pet food companies get majorly hit with fines and recalls due to a slight increase of vitamin D but somehow the only one getting hit from this latest vitamin D increase is the premix company...NOT HILL'S! If this was anyone else, (we confidently feel) it would be all over the news, the company would be taken to court, made to pay enormous fines, and even worse...close shop!

Excessive vitamin D in your pet can result in kidney disease and even death. The signs of vitamin D toxicity in your pet may cause vomiting, loss of appetite, drink and urinate more, excessive drooling, and/or weight loss. Depending on the concentration of the vitamin D in the food, diet-related toxicity tends to develop more gradually over time. If you are feeding Hill's Pet Food and your dog is exhibiting these symptoms then we suggest you consult your veterinarian and discontinue feeding.

If this is a concern for you and need some coaching on changing your pet's food then please come in and we'll be more than happy to find options that will satisfy you and your pet!

Here's the link concerning this specific issue Hill’s Pet Food Vitamin D was 2900% HIGHER by Susan Thixton from TruthABoutPetFood.com. 

Here's the link for more info on vitamin D toxicity Vitamin D Toxicity in Dogs