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Working in the corporate world the first part of my life served a purpose but provided little satisfaction. I knew I was destined to live the life I loved and animals would somehow be a part of it.  Critters of all kinds made it a habit of finding me…whether they were crossing a road, chasing my car, or showing up on the door step of my second floor apt. It should not be a big surprise that my life landed me owning an All-Natural pet goods and pet nutrition store. For the past eight years I have done independent studies on holistic dog and cat nutrition.  This ambition was generated from a lack of success in treating one of my own pets using traditional medicines and diets. I was also faced with my own health issues which made me more determined to find a healthier way.  The more success I had using holistic alternatives and healthier diets with not only my own pets but other pets as well resulted in an obvious need to spread the word and educate pet owners on what we have all been programmed to believe,  by not only veterinarians but commercial advertising. We all have a purpose and are given a gift we strive to discover at some point in our life. I am blessed I found mine…and I will continue to help educate pet owners and do what I do one dog and cat at a time….and then came The Good Dog Co. Atl!


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”—



IMG_0013-Edit copyTeri

Teri is all about learning! She is relatively new to pet nutrition but on a mission to educate herself.  Teri has the heart we all strive to have. She has been a welcome and valued addition to The Good Dog Co. Atl and her eagerness to please the customers is exactly what we are about.  She is the proud pet momma of two rescued Min Pins who also visit the store on a regular basis.


“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”


IMG_0009-Edi copytDaniel

Daniel is the youngest member of the pack at The Good Dog Co. Atl. He is in his first year of college studying Business Administration and has informed me that he wants to stay involved in the pet industry and one day have a store of his own. Daniel is a master at all the stuff that no one else wants to do! He keeps us organized, keeps our shelves looking fabulous, and is also the events coordinator. So when you see our fabulous set-up at the festivals, that’s all Daniel!!!


“The average dog is a nicer than the average person.”

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